Save a life-Stop the bleed

If you  come across someone that has been stabbed, there is some basic first aid that will help slow the blood loss.


There were 244 recorded murders involving a knife or sharp object in England and Wales between March 2022-March 2023

What To Do If Someone Has Been Stabbed

The most important action if you find someone with a stab wound is to press on it really hard. Ideally take a piece of your clothing off and place over the wound, and PRESS.

Stemming the bleeding will allow time for the emergency services to arrive. Every second counts.

If a second person is present, the emergency services may direct the person to a BLEED BAG if there is one located near by. A bleed bag contains dressings, chest seals, tourniquet and gloves. All equipment in the bag will allow a bystander to take immediate action and hopefully save lives. See the BLEED BAG section on our website for more details.