No Safe Place

It is against the Law to carry a knife or weapon, even if it’s for your protection. People who carry a weapon are more likely to get injured. Getting caught with a knife in a public place could result in 4 years in custody.

There is no safe place to stab someone as the human body has blood vessels everywhere. It can only take a small cut to a blood vessel to end someone’s life. This would be classed as Murder.

Loosing 40% blood loss is lethal.

Bleeding-out time varies from 90 seconds to 5 mins without intervention

No 'Safe' Place

The human body is made up of a complex map of blood vessels. These vessels consist of veins and arteries which supply the entire body with blood. Damage to a vein or an artery will result in bleeding. How much a vessel bleeds depends on whether its a vein or artery and which vessel it is. Stabbing a knife or sharp instrument into an artery  will cause catastrophic bleeding resulting in rapid  blood loss. Catastrophic bleeding will cause an individual to die in 90 seconds if the source of the bleed is not located and stopped.

A stab wound to internal organs such as the heart, spleen, bowel and liver can also cause serious, life changing disabilities or even fatal injuries. 

Joe had 7 stab wounds over his body. Some were small cut injury’s to his hands suspected to be defence wounds.

2 of the wounds penetrated Joe’s internal organs and the left internal iliac vein, both were classed as fatal injuries

What is Joint Enterprise?

If you have knowledge that someone is going to do something bad and you don’t do anything to stop it, you are as guilty as the perpetrator. You can be guilty of a crime because you have an association with it.

If you are present during a incident where someone is stabbed and you do nothing to prevent the crime, or alert the police, you are guilty of that crime. You can receive a prison sentence for joint enterprise.