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What are the concerns of child exploitation?

Signs of grooming and child sexual exploitation. If a child is exploited they become vulnerable, their mental and physical health may suffer. They may be exposed to situations and environments that are not age appropriate.

Any child under the age of 18, male and female, regardless of their background.

No, some children unfortunately get exploited without realising. Lots of the early warning signs can be put down to normal teen behaviour. Its only when you look at the bigger picture you may realise. 

If the child is in immediate danger call 999. Your local Childrens advice and duty service (CADS). Confide in a friend, teacher or someone else you can trust.

If you suspect CCE is happening in you area please report it to the police on 101.

Adults use children to carry drugs for gangs and often from one region to another. The adult profits from the child’s actions. 


They are victims, and the child’s mental health can suffer as they may have been exposed to violence, trafficking, the drugs scene and witnessed traumatic events.

Isolation from friends and family, education, hobbies, risky/dangerous situations, avoids certain places or people, job prospects.

Physical injuries bruises, cuts, grazes, stab marks, often unexplained injuries, death.