Catastrophic Bleeds


This is defined as extreme bleeding that is likely to cause death in minutes. Usually as the result of an accident or injury where an artery has been punctured. The wound may be gushing or pumping out.

Basic first aid

Apply pressure – The first rule of bleed management is applying direct pressure to the wound. Use your hand, finger or knee if required to put enough pressure on the wound area to limit the bleeding. The leak is coming from an artery which is smaller in diameter than your finger, so focus on the area and get your (gloved) fingers in there, LOTS of pressure will be required to stem the flow. There is a lot of blood pressure to fight against, so press hard!

Get help – Call for help if you are on your own. Also call 999 . If someone else is with you, they can check airway and breathing while you get into the wound to stop it bleeding. 

Improvise if required! If we don’t have the correct equipment to hand, you  need to improvise with anything absorbent to pack the wound and apply pressure.

Continue to press until professional medical help arrives and takes over.



In collaboration with Mere Supplies, The Joe Dix Foundation is able to provide bleed bags that can be purchased and 


All bleed bags that are located in East Anglia will be registered with the East of England Ambulance Control. When an emergency call is received, the call handler will be able to direct the caller to the bags location, if there is one nearby.

Shops and premises with Joe Dix Foundation bleed bags will have a sticker in the property window.

Lockable cabinet:

These are red polycarbonate with a stainless steel keypad lock. They are ideal to be located outside buildings, and allow 24 hour access.

These are also available to purchase from The Joe Dix Foundation.

To enquire or buy bleed bags and cabinets please contact [email protected] or call 07956515550