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Joe Dix Foundation

On January 28, 2022, Joe was tragically stabbed to death in Norwich. The Foundation’s goal is to raise awareness of child criminal exploitation and knife crime to prevent any family from enduring the heartbreak that Joe’s family has faced.

Welcome To The Joe Dix Foundation

Our aim is to use the Joe Dix story to awaken peoples understanding of the dangers of Child Criminal Exploitation, knife crime and gang culture in the UK.

Our interest is ALL young people, helping them to make better choices and live safer lives.

Joe's Story

Joe was a white, British male from a stable family network who lived in Norwich. He was criminally exploited in 2019 to carry drugs for the promise of money. Unbeknown to Joe this was the start of him becoming embroiled in a life of drug dealing, gangs and knife crime. 

On 28th January 2022, aged 18, Joe received a phone call from a mate in trouble. He went to help and was savagely attacked by 3 males who were trying to rob a flat for drugs and money. They were armed with knives and a sword when they chased Joe and stabbed him 7 times. 

Joe sadly died in hospital little over an hour after the attack. On the 30th August 2023, the 3 local males were found GUILTY of Joe’s murder and later sentenced to a minimum of 21 years each.

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