Help prevent you child getting involved

Its time everyone talked about chid criminal exploitation, gangs and knife crime rather than it being a taboo subject. Preventing exploitation is easier than freeing child who is full emersed in the situation.

Talk To Them

Talk about the dangers and consequences of gangs, child criminal exploitation and knife crime. They may think that these people are their friends and won’t be aware that they are caught up in something more sinister.

Be Available

Be available and take an interest in what you child is doing. Don’t pile on the pressure, just encourage them to talk about their feelings and what is going on in and out of school.

Listen To Them

Listen to them without judgement. The reality is that it’s better to know about the potentially risky activities they might be up to, than to not know, them still be up to those activities.

Always make time

Always make time if they want to talk to you.

Ask other parents

Ask other parents or teachers to keep an eye on them.

Be Honest With Them

Let your child know that gangs who undertake child criminal exploitation make young people feel like they have no choice, and will scare them into not speaking out about what is happening But there is always a choice.