DYSF Idris Eba campaign supports Joe Dix Foundation

The Don't Stop Your Future Campaign

Emma and Phil started the new year with a trip to Parliament Square, London, after being invited for Joe to be used as part of the Idris Elba ‘Don’t stop your future’ campaign. (DSYF)

Idris spoke to the National media regarding knife crime and serious youth violence whilst standing in front of an installation of piles of clothes which represented youths that had be murdered by knives.

Emma and Phil were able to speak to Idris explaining Joe’s story and the Joe Dix Foundation that has been set up in his name. He seemed very sincere listening and said he would support our charity how he could.

Joe has ben featured along with other young people in the DSYF campaign on digital billboards across the country and on the associated music video.

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Our Helpline

The Joe Dix Foundation would like to offer telephone support to parents and carers who suspect or know their child is being criminally exploited, involved in a gang, and/or carry a weapon.